Vale Paraíso NaturPark is surrounded by the largest green patch of Pinus pinaster of the Iberian Peninsula, near one of the wildest and unspoilt coastlines of the Portuguese coast.

We aim at also being recognized for the way we take care of Nature and the way we care for the environment, namely, the climate changes.

In order to pursue these goals, we use renewable energy, promote the reduction of energy and water consumption, enable the selective collection of urban waste and the protection of fauna and flora.



Consumption reduction. In addition to the constant concern to keep the drainable area quotas, we use water from a bore for irrigation, which is rationed by drop by drop systems. We also minimize water waste through regular the maintenance of infrastructures and equipment.

Forest Management and Biodiversity – Pinus pinaster plantation for the renewal of the green area. Every year we plant more than 80 Pinus pinaster over the 9 ha of the park. Most other species planted are indigenous or native of the Pinhal de Leiria, where we stand, and almost all the plants in the park require very little water. This, we seek to reconcile biodiversity itself with the largest reserve of Pinus pinaster that are part of the peninsula we belong to.

Forest management and Biodiversity

Pinus pinaster plantation for the renewal of the green area. Every year we plant more than 80 Pinus pinaster over the 9 ha of the park. Most other species planted are indigenous or native.

Renewable energies

Use of solar energy in all blocks of equipment and shower rooms. We have over 40 solar collectors throughout the park with a constant concern for the cleaning and maintenance of the same for better efficiency in energy production. Use of pellets as an alternative to fossil fuels.

In addition to water heating, we have installed biomass boilers (pellets or olive pit) in areas with more affluence and where there are more dwellings. We managed, thereby, to reduce by 90% the use of fossil fuels and, consequently, reduce emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere.

Energy efficiency

Use of energy-saving lamps and LEDs. All bulbs we use are low-power or LEDs, allowing for significant savings in electricity consumption without removing comfort to our customers.

. Every electrical equipment is rated with energy efficiency class A or higher.

. Clothes drying room. This division allows us to save a lot of electricity replacing tumble dryers, another move on our way to the preservation of resources.

. We use the washer and dryer and dishwasher at full load capacity and, where possible, in off-peak hours, for increased use of renewable energy produced in Portugal.

. We have two washing machines and a small dryer for small quantities, if necessary.

. We installed partial meters for better monitoring of consumption. 

. Energy certification. We used a certified company to perform an energy efficiency study and further follow-up measures. The results have been very positive and in addition to reducing expenditure, we contribute to minimizing our carbon footprint.

Waste and Sanitation

Selective collection of urban waste and other flows.  We have recycling areas for waste separation scattered around the camp, from lodging facilities to camping and caravan sites. We also have a central recycling point where customers and employees deposit old batteries. Waste oils are properly forwarded and all consumables are recycled.

- Promoting reuse and recycling of materials:
. Whenever possible, we use recycled paper: toilet paper, envelopes, copies, fanfold paper, restaurant and bar menus and paper towels.
. We use the back of the paper for notebooks and other uses.
. We reuse envelopes for internal correspondence.
. When replacing furniture and equipment, the old are offered / sold to employees or to people in need.
. We reuse clothes no longer being used for cleaning cloths.

- We installed equipment with liquid soap and dishwasher dispensers, avoiding excessive consumption or waste

Environmental awareness

Our employees are aware, trained and encouraged towards complying with our environmental policy. Each one of them is an important piece to achieve the goals we set ourselves.

Noise and air quality

Due to our privileged geographical location, set in a nature reserve and a few hundred meters from the ocean, the air surrounding the resort is clean, fresh and rich in iodine.

We established a period of silence so that there is no excessive noise in the hours of rest.

Animal Bags dispensers

Be a responsible owner!

Catching the excrement of our pets is part of the hygiene care of dogs and cats as well as education towards the other Vale Paraiso Natur Park customers.

Several dispensers of bags for animals are spread throughout the Park.

Collect your animal's waste.

Green Spaces Awareness

Towards the Park there are several information plates to alert the customers regarding the protection and maintenance of the green spaces of the park.

Nest boxes for birds

The installation of nest boxes are excellent substitutes for natural nesting cavities.

In addition, they also serve as shelter at more unfavorable periods at night, on days of heavy rain or cold.

It is a good way to encourage local species to settle in the perimeter of the undertaking, not only to contribute to its conservation, but also to benefit from its important role as insect predators preserving the fauna and local flora.


Composting is a simple, economical and ecologically sustainable process.

Vale Paraíso promotes the process of composting organic waste.

Promotes the improvement of soil conditions in terms of structure, porosity, fertility, water retention capacity, aeration and microbial activity.

It is a great alternative to chemical fertilizers and can reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills or incinerators.

This is what paradise is made of.

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